Ekspla PGx03 Picosecond kHz Repetition Rate Broadly Tunable OPA

PGX03 series kHz repetition rate picosecond OPG

Ekspla's PGx03 series Optical Parametric Generators (OPG) are designed to be pumped by 1 kHz mode-locked lasers with 1 W average power. An excellent choice is the PL2210A series mode‑locked picosecond laser from EKSPLA.

The optical design is optimized to produce low divergence beams with moderate linewidth (typically 12 cm⁻¹) at approximately 20 ps pulse duration. Due to the unique broad tunability range from 210 to 16000 nm these devices are an excellent choice for many spectroscopic applications.

Upon request the optical layout can be easily modified for pumping by other mode-locked lasers with high pulse energy or longer pulse duration.

Microprocessor based control system provides automatic positioning of relevant components for hands free operation. Nonlinear crystals, diffraction grating and filters are rotated by ultra-precise stepper motors in the microstepping mode, with excellent reproducibility.

Precise nonlinear crystal temperature stabilization ensures long-term stability of generated wavelength and output power.

For customer convenience the system can be controlled using a user-friendly remote control pad or through USB interface (RS232 is optional) from a personal computer (PC) using supplied LabVIEW™ drivers.

Available standard models are summarized in a Specifications table below. Please inquire for custom-built versions. Read more. 

Download datasheet here.

  • High repetition rate picosecond OPA
  • Ultra-broad tuning from 193 to 16 000 nm
  • 1 kHz repetition rate
  • Up to 70 µJ energy


  • Picosecond pulses at 1 kHz pulse repetition rate
  • Hands-free wavelength tuning
  • Tuning range from 210 nm to 16000 nm
  • Narrow linewidth <6 cm⁻¹
  • Low divergence <2 mrad
  • Remote control via keypad
  • PC control using USB (RS232 is optional) and LabVIEW™ drivers


  • Time resolved pump-probe spectroscopy
  • Laser-induced fluorescence
  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy: vibrational-SFG, surface-SH, CARS, Z-scan
  • Other laser spectroscopy applications
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