Laser Quantum gem 561

Laser Quantum gem532

The gem 561 laser offers upto 500mW of yellow light in a near diffraction limited TEM00 beam with an M²<1.1. Designed for easy integration into OEM applications, the gem 561 has been extensively tested for robustness and stability.  

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Laser Quantum ventus 561


The ventus family of lasers is characterised by its stability, beam quality and duration of life of its different elements. Designed for use in scientific laboratories, it operates through its control unit, via its software or internet connection. The 561nm laser offers high power in a compact design. Ideal for biomedical imaging and cytometry. 

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Melles Griot Yellow DPSS Laser

Melles Griot 85 YCA-series yellow DPSS lasers provide up to 25 mW of output at 561 nm, with rock-solid stability over a wide operating temperature range. Their wavelength makes them ideally suited for exciting Rhodamine, ROX, and Alexa Fluor dyes. They are also a highly reliable drop-in replacement for argon/krypton lasers operating at 568 nm. The excellent beam quality, narrow linewidth, and low optical noise of 85 YCA-series lasers are ideal for scanning, microscopy, metrology, spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, fluorescence, and interferometry applications. 

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