Laser Quantum opus 660


The opus 660 is a high powered red laser ideal for such applications as DNA sequencing and super-resolution microscopy. With a TEM00 beam and M²<1.2, it offers up to 1.5W in a highly compact and robust design.  


  • Remote App
  • Compact design
  • Low M squared
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Now with APC as standard
  • Fibre delivery


Power up to 1.5W
Wavelength 660nm
Beam Diameter 0.85mm ± 0.2mm
Spatial Mode TEM00
Bandwidth 30GHz
Divergence <1.5mrad
M Squared <1.2
Power Stability <1.0% rms
Noise <0.6% rms
Noise Bandwidth 0.1Hz - 50kHz
Pointing Stability 10µrad/°C
Polarisation Ratio 100:1
Polarisation Direction Horizontal
Coherence Length <1cm
Beam Angle <2mrad
Operating Temp 22 - 37°C
Weight 0.75Kg
Umbilical Length 1.5m
Warmup Time <15 minutes
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