Laser Quantum gem 473

Laser Quantum gem532

The gem 473 laser system is at the cutting edge of DPSS laser technology. The innovative architecture generates up to 500mW of blue CW power at 473nm, making it among the highest powered blue lasers available. The gem 473 offers a low M² beam and a lower noise and stability specification, which extends its versatility. The combination of high power at this wavelength, good collimation and a compact package make this a unique product.  

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Laser Quantum ventus 473


The ventus family of lasers is characterised by the stability, beam quality and lifetimes of its different members. The 473nm laser offers high power in a compact design. Ideal for biomedical imaging, neuroscience and optogenetics.  

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Melles Griot Blue DPSS Laser

Melles Griot blue diode-pumped solid-state lasers provide up to 15 mW of output at 473 nm and up to 30 mW of output at 488 nm. They are ideal for use in semiconductor, biomedical, spectroscopic, interferometric, and holographic instrumentation applications; laser display devices; photo-plotters; PC board, wafer, and surface inspection equipment; and particle-characterization instrumentation. The single transverse mode output has an M2 quality factor of less than 1.2 and the 473 nm laser a coherence length greater than five meters.

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