Laser Quantum red cw lasers

Laser Quantum gem 660

660nm and 671nm red lasers are growing in importance in applications such as DNA sequencing, fluorescence and Raman imaging and with the development of higher powers, super-resolution microscopy uses the red laser as a de-excitation.

Each of these applications has a different demand on the laser whether it is maximum power, power stability, beam quality or single mode operation. Accordingly, Laser Quantum manufactures a wide range of 660 and 671nm red lasers covering a variety of different sizes, powers and technologies, all tested for robustness and provided with long lifetime warranties.

Our range of products and services address the needs of the research laboratories wanting individual specifications and the repeatability and service required by OEM integrator companies.

tau - Small OEM 671nm laser offering up to 50mW
gem - Designed for OEM integration, extraordinary lifetimes up to 1W of 660nm
ventus - Research grade 660 and 671nm lasers with high specification and easy control
torus - Actively mode locked single frequency 660nm with high wavelength stability
opus - Compact red laser offering 1.5W for research and OEM applications

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