New from Thorlabs: Stabilized Silicon Nitride Globar Light Source: 550 nm - 15 µm


  • Globar Source for 550 nm - 15 µm
  • 4.5 W Output Power Collimated in a Ø35 mm Beam
  • Low Power Fluctuations of <0.05% within 1 Hour
  • Optical Drift: 0.01% per Hour / 0.2% per °C
  • 60 mm Cage System Compatible
  • Manual Shutter

Thorlabs' new Silicon Nitride Globar Lamp is designed to provide 4.5 W of free-space illumination over the 550 nm - 15 µm range. An internal feedback system is employed to achieve a highly stable power output (0.05% fluctuation). The high-power output is collimated into a Ø35 mm beam for free-space applications. An aluminum reflector collects light from the silicon nitride Globar element and reflects it towards the front of the housing in order to maximize the output power. The mirror alignment is factory set to maximize the output, but it can also be adjusted by the user using the three adjustment knobs on the back of the housing.

SLS303 Spectrum 780

The lamp is shipped with a factory-installed, uncoated zinc selenide (ZnSe) collimation lens. The lens tube of the collimation lens features internal SM2 (2.035"-40) threading for easy integration of SM2-threaded parts. Please note that the SLS303 should not be used with our liquid light guides due to the MIR radiation. A knob on the front of the lamp housing allows a manual shutter to block the output of the lamp if desired. The front face of the lamp housing can also integrate a 60 mm cage system.

The included controller, has three LED indicator lights for temperature, bulb status, and lifespan. During normal operation, all three will be green. If the controller becomes overheated, the "Temperature" indicator will switch to red and the lamp will be automatically shut off. The "Bulb Status" indicator will show green if the correct bulb is installed in the SLS303, or red if no bulb is present or if the wrong bulb is installed. The "Lifespan" indicator shows yellow once the bulb reaches 75% of its lifespan and red once it reaches 100%.

The large box design of the lamp housing allows for the safe dissipation of thermal energy produced by the 70 W bulb. When used for an extensive amount of time, the case can heat up to ~60 °C, so extensive contact with the housing should be avoided. Replacement bulbs are sold below.

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