HighFinesse Wavelength Meters: Enter a New World of Accuracy

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HighFinesse/Ångstrom offers sensitive and compact wavelength meters with a large spectral range for high speed measurement of lasers. The optical unit consists of temperature-controlled Fizeau-based interferometers that are read out by photodiode arrays. The high absolute accuracy is achieved by use of solid state, non-moving optics.

The optical unit and associated electronics are housed in a compact, thermal casing. The connection to a computer or notebook is realized via a highspeed USB 2.0 port, which allows a high data read-out rate. The analyzing software displays all the interferometer information and is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

working principle Fizeau interferometer

Working Principle of the Fizeau Interferometer

Main Benefits and Properties:

  • Pulsed and cw lasers can be measured
  • Most accurate instruments available:
  • ± 2 MHz with measurement resolution of 500 kHz
  • High speed measurements up to 600 Hz
  • Extremely wide range: 192 nm - 11 µm
  • Data control through easy access API
  • (LabView, C++, MathLab, ...)

Advantages of Solid-State, Non-Moving Optics

The significant advantage of our Fizeau-based wavelength meters, compared with other available instruments, is the absence of mechanical moving parts. This ensures the high reliability of accuracies up to 2 MHz (absolute) and the outstanding robustness HighFinesse wavelength meters are noted for. The sturdiness of this design has been proven even under extreme conditions such as freefall dropping experiments or in air-borne applications (LIDAR).

Temperature and Pressure Enhanced Stability

Measurements are temperature and pressure compensated using ultra sensitive temperature and pressure sensors. That way it is possible to use the devices in aviatic measurement environments, high altitudes, LIDAR, ... Please click here to see a temperature and pressure stability graph

Long-term Measurement Recordings

This application acquires the measured wavelength and other values (temperature, analog output, etc.), displaying mean, max. and min. wavelengths as well as standard deviations. The software also allows the user to display the idler frequency, by measuring the pump and signal laser, or by showing the frequency distance between two lasers (THz generation). Any number of long-term windows may be opened simultaneously to monitor up to 8 laser sources (multi-channel option) per wavelength meter. No other product offers this flexibility.

Internal Calibration

LSA, WS5, WS6, WS6-200 and WS7 have as a standard feature automatic internal calibration. The lifetime of this maintenance-free calibration source is more than 10 years!

Built-in Pulse Detection

An integrated mechanism detects the optical peaks from a pulsed laser and starts synchronization with the measurement process.

Highest Sensitivity

Most sensitive available detectors and special optical coatings allow highest power sensitivities down to pJ-range for small (IS-Series) and medium (LSA) spectral ranges and very good sensitivity for all ranges.  

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