HighFinesse: Optical Spectrum Analysers


HighFinesse optical spectrometers LSA and HDSA are designed to analyse the multi-line or broadband spectrum of (un-)known light sources like cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs. They are suitable to analyze the spectrum of telecom signals, resolve Fabry-Perot modes of a gain chip, and produce a spectral measurement of gas absorption.

Main Benefits and Features

  • Pulsed and cw lasers
  • Extremely wide range: 192 nm - 11 µm
  • High-speed Measurements
  • Data control through easy access API
  • (LabView, C++, MathLab, ...)
  • External Trigger (TTL), optional
  • Laser Control (PID), optional

Plug & Play

The robust and compact devices feature a FC/PC fiber input and are built with no moving optical parts (solid-state technology) and can measure pulsed and continous light sources. All devices are automatically calibrated by a maintenance-free internal calibration source, that has a lifetime of more than 10 years. Internal temperature and pressure sensors are built in as standard quality measure for reliable results over time and changing ambient lab conditions.

Built-in Pulse Detection

An integrated mechanism detects the optical peaks from a pulsed laser and starts synchronization with the measurement process.


Customized solutions are made for any range between 192 and 11000nm, any spectral broadening, and the highest maximal possible resolution.  

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