Light Conversion Geco: Scanning Auto-correlator



  • Measures pulse duration in 10 fs – 20 ps range
  • Single set of optics for 500 – 2000 nm range
  • High resolution voice coil driven delay line
  • Non‑collinear intensity and collinear interferometric autocorrelation traces
  • Onboard pulse‑analysis software for pulse duration measurements
  • Integrated controller and computer
  • Non‑dispersive polarization control
  • FROG and FTIR ready

Operation of the Light ConversionGECO autocorrelator is based on noncollinear second harmonic generation in a nonlinear crystal, producing intensity autocorrelation trace directly related to the input beam pulse duration. One arm of the fundamental pulse is delayed by means of a magnetic linear positioning stage, providing fast, reliable motion with < 0.15 fs resolution. GECO can acquire a full intensity autocorrelation trace of 10 fs to 20 ps pulses and covers the full 500 nm to 2000 nm wavelength range.

GECO features noncollinearity angle adjustment and can be simply transformed to a collinear setup, allowing to perform interferometric autocorrelation measurements which are useful for pulses in 10 fs range. Both arms of the autocorrelator have the same dispersion parameters for the most accurate results. It is also possible to switch GECO to Michelson interferometer configuration by simply replacing and removing a few elements, allowing the user to perform FTIR or other desired measurements.

GECO comes with a convenient pulse-analysis software, providing straightforward pulse duration measurements. A computer is integrated inside the autocorrelator thus communications are handled via TCP/IP protocol which ensures a simple trouble-free installation. Software and hardware is also capable of generating FROG traces, provided that an external spectrometer is connected to the fiber coupler. Software API‘s are available for custom user adaptations.


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