Gentec-EO Ultrafast Joulemeter

02 M6 Detector

Measure every pulse at up to 200 kHz with MACH 6. Measure with 12-bit digital accuracy and capture up to 4 million pulses in real time. The Gentec-EO MACH 6 Joulemeter is the only instrument in the world that performs at this speed, and with this precision. It is designed to support the full complement of Gentec-EO fast energy probes that include Silicon, InGaAs and Pyroelectric Detectors. Measure from pJ to mJ and from 0.35 to 2.5 µm. Using the M6-Si detector and the M5-UC-QED accessory, you can make relative measurements at 266 nm. Read more.


  • Up to 200 kHz Pulse-to-PulseMeasure EVERY pulse, with no sampling, at high rep rates, up to 200 kHz
  • Capture and Store up to 4 million PulsesStore 40 seconds of data at 100 kHz
  • Track Missing Pulses and Pulses Below ThresholdKnow how many pulses were missed or that didn’t make the energy threshold with this unique pulse feature
  • Several Heads to Choose FromSilicon, InGaAs and Pyroelectric heads for a broad wavelength and energy range
  • Analog Module AvailableUse our fast M6 Detectors with the APM and an oscilloscope for fast analog energy measurements
  • Full-Speed USB 2.0 ConnectionEnsures high data rate transfer and fast operation
  • User-Friendly Software with Many Diagnostic Features
  • Live Mode, Strip Chart, Histogram and Statistics displays
  • FFT display of pulse energy data for temporal diagnostics
  • Life Test Mode to automate laser testing
  • Compatible Modules
  • Mach 6
  • APM (Analog Power Module)
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