Toptica Frequency Converted Laser Diodes

TA SHG pro 03

Impressive though the success story of semiconductor lasers has been, there are still several spectral "gaps", wavelengths that cannot be directly accessed with laser diodes. However, nonlinear frequency conversion techniques can be employed to generate tunable laser radiation in the UV, blue and green spectral range. TOPTICA offers state-of-the-art laser systems based on second harmonic generation (SHG), sum frequency generation (SFG) and fourth harmonic generation (FHG).

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Toptica DL DFB: Tunable Distributed Feed-back Lasers

DFB pro 03

Distributed feedback (DFB) lasers offer wide frequency tuning and high output power in a compact, rugged setup. The frequency selective element – a Bragg grating – is integrated into the active section of the semiconductor and ensures single-frequency operation without any bulk optics. A wide variety of DFB diodes is available from stock; custom wavelengths can be provided even in low quantities.

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Toptica Product Focus: Continuously Tunable Lasers

TOPTICA Tuesday 20170530 400x650 CTL

Wide mode-hop-free tuning is important for many exciting applications: for example resonant excitation of small structures like quantum dots and micro-cavities as well as molecular spectroscopy or components testing. TOPTICA is specialized in tunable diode lasers with excellent precision, reliability and ease-of-use.

For example, TOPTICA’s CTL – continuously tunable laser – enables mode-hop-free tuning of up to 110 nm at several central wavelengths. Wide scans can be performed with highest resolution and narrow linewidth, and CTL features high absolute and relative wavelength accuracy as well as high power.

In combination with its fully digital controller DLC pro, the CTL laser is easy to use and operate via touch-screen and knobs as well as via remote PC GUI and command language. The low noise and drift levels of the controller make the CTL series even more stable and lowest-noise.

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Toptica DL Pro: Tunable diode laser with digital control DLC pro


Toptica's DL pro is the ultimate tunable diode laser. Its revolutionary mechanical design allows for both easy operation and extreme stability at the same time. It offers highest output powers, and optimized mode-hop-free tuning with a perfectly positioned virtual pivot point for the grating movement (Patents: DE 10 2007 028 499 and US 7970024). Together with the digital control DLC pro controller it shows unrivalled linewidth and drift – with the most comfortable and intuitive user interface. Also available with the economic SYST laser electronics. A software license may be purchased to enable frequency-locking features.

The DL pro HP diode laser features a special resonator design, which allows for higher single-mode output powers from "visible" laser diodes. Like the DL pro, it is an extended cavity diode laser (ECDL). Both lasers feature various modulation inputs and may be equipped with various options like fiber coupling, beam shaping etc. The lasers may also be driven by the economic Sys DC 110 laser control, however we highly recommend the DLC pro due the superior performance, especially for the DL pro HP lasers.

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Toptica BoosTA Semiconductor Laser Amplifier

BoosTA 01

The Toptoca BoosTA is a compact and economical optical amplifier. Just put light into it, and it amplifies it up to a factor 100. The spectral properties of the master laser are preserved. The BoosTA includes computer controlled integrated electronics, and all optics for accepting a collimated and linearly polarized input beam. Custom optics and good thermal management guarantee best performance.

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Toptica SHG pro Stand-Alone Second Harmonic Generator Module

SHG pro 02

The SHG pro is the device of choice if existing lasers are to be frequency doubled. Designed in TOPTICA’s pro technology, it unites highly stable performance and convenient operation. Mirror and crystal holders can be adjusted without opening the resonator cover. A wide range of non-linear crystals covers SHG wavelengths from 205 to 800 nm.  TOPTICA offers competent support for adapting the unit to customer requirements.

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Toptica TA / FA SHG pro Frequency Doubled, High Power Tunable Diode Laser

 TA SHG pro 02

The Toptica TA / FA SHG pro system comprises a tunable, grating-stabilized diode laser, a high power semiconductor (TA) or fiber (FA) amplifier, and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry.

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Toptica DL pro HP: Powerful, tunable, single-frequency laser


The DL pro HP diode laser features a special resonator design, which allows for higher single-mode output powers from "visible" laser diodes. Manual coarse tuning of the wavelength is possible across the gain spectrum of the diode (for blue diodes approx.  2-3 nm) and mode-hop free fine tuning up to 50 GHz. Standard models are available at 405, 425 nm, and 633 nm; other wavelengths between 370 and 640 nm can be provided on request. The laser features various modulation inputs and includes an isolator. Fiber coupled versions are optionally available.

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nLight pearl: HighPerformance Laser Diodes

 pearl landing page 2017 01 26

nLIGHT pearl™ semiconductor lasers can be configured to deliver output power, fiber size and wavelength combinations to optimize system performance. 

The nLIGHT pearl platform is designed and manufactured to achieve the most efficient and reliable operation for solid-state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, surgical lasers and medical therapeutics.

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