Toptica BoosTA Semiconductor Laser Amplifier

BoosTA 01

The Toptoca BoosTA is a compact and economical optical amplifier. Just put light into it, and it amplifies it up to a factor 100. The spectral properties of the master laser are preserved. The BoosTA includes computer controlled integrated electronics, and all optics for accepting a collimated and linearly polarized input beam. Custom optics and good thermal management guarantee best performance.
  • Compact and economic optical amplifier
  • Ideally suited to amplify TOPTICAs diode lasers,
    also suited for third party products
  • Wavelength range 649 .. 1083 nm
  • High power, up to 1.5 W
  • Nearly diffraction limited output beam with suitable master oscillator
    (M² typ. < 1.5, fiber coupling efficiency typ. 60 %)
  • Integrated driver concept, most compact
  • Computer controlled (RS 232)
Master laser External
Center wavelengths 649 .. 1083 nm*
Max. power 0.25 .. 1.5 W
Coarse tuning 15 .. 70 nm
Typical mode-hop free tuning Depends on master laser
Typ. Linewidth (5 µs) Depends on master laser
Polarization Depends on master, typ. linear > 100 : 1
ASE background Depends on master laser
Beam quality M2 < 1.5 (< 2.0 for some higher power chips)***
Divergence < 1 mrad
Beam height 53.9 mm
Optical isolators Input: none, Output: optional 30 or 60 dB
Fiber coupling Input: optional****, Output: optional
Fiber coupling efficiency**: min. (typ.) 50 (60)*** %
Control electronics Integrated into laser head + external supply
Frequency mod. option -
Intensity modulation option -
Environment temperature: Operating / transport 15 - 30° C / 0 - 40° C
Environment humidity Non condensing
Operating voltage 100 - 120 V / 220 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz (auto detect)
Power consumption Typ. 35 W, Max. 300 W
Size head (L x W x H) 312 x 100 x 85 mm3
Size electronics (L x W x H) 179 x 175 x 70 mm3

 *Spectral coverage with gaps.
**With TOPTICA's FiberDock, isolation required.
***With suitable TOPTICA master laser.
****Requires linearly polarized light from FC/APC PM fiber.
Specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Available wavelengths and output powers can be found in TOPTICAs tapered amplifier stock list. Please enquire about the actual power from BoosTA.

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