nLIGHT Laser Diode Bars and Arrays


nLIGHT is a leading supplier and innovator of high-power semiconductor lasers and fibers for industrial, medical, defense and consumer applications. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage in performance, reliability and efficiency. The following products are representative of nLight’s superior device capabilities and performance.  nLight’s semiconductor diode lasers are designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements. Full details in Read More...

Pearl™ High-Power Fiber-Coupled Modules
nLIGHT’s Pearl™ high-power fiber-coupled modules are based on a unique single emitter architecture that offers distinct advantages in overall efficiency, product reliability, and platform customization.

Single Emitter Diode Laser Devices
nLIGHT's single emitter diode laser devices, providing state-of-the-art power and brightness, are available in both c-mount and high-heat load (HHL) packages.

Conduction Cooled (CS) Diode Laser Bars
Combining nLIGHT’s proprietary nXLT™ diode protection technology with hard solder on an expansion matched sub-mount, nLIGHT’s conduction cooled (CS) diode laser bar product series offers a significant increase in power, brightness, and reliability.

Cascades™ Micro-Channel Cooled Diode Laser Bars
Combining nLIGHT’s low-stress diode laser bars with its proprietary micro-channel cooler design and bonding process, Cascades™ micro-channel cooled diode laser bars produce the lowest bar smile in the industry, which leads to the highest coupling efficiency and longest lifetimes.

Summit™ QCW Diode Laser Products
nLIGHT's Indium-free QCW packaging family is based on over a decade of hard solder production experience. Available in a wide range of wavelengths and with high efficiency and high power diode laser technology, these conductively cooled products enable a variety of critical industrial, military, and aerospace applications.

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