Melles Griot Helium Neon Laser Green

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IDEX Health & Science line of Melles Griot highly reliable Helium Neon lasers deliver proven performance with long life and excellent stability. We offer a wide range of HeNe wavelengths with random or linear polarized output. Our frequency stabilized Helium Neon lasers offer frequency stability better than 1 MHz.

Red, green and yellow lasers with up to 35mW of output are available. We can also provide complete laser system sets with power supply and laser in a compact package, and for OEMs we offer plasma tubes and fully customized configurations.

All our laser products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements.

The 594-nm output wavelength of these lasers at closely corresponds to the sodium "d" and "D" lines which are used as a spectral reference in the optical industry. The wavelength also corresponds to the peak absorption of several popular fluorescent dyes.

Green Helium Neon Lasers (543nm)

Green HeNe lasers have up to five times the visibility of red lasers with the same output power. Consequently, they are ideal for aiming and pointing applications. They also are the lasers of choice for many biotechnology, cytometry, microscopy, and graphics applications, since the wavelength closely corresponds to the peak absorption bands of fluorescent dyes, reagents, and film.

Green HeNe lasers are available with powers ranging from 0.20 mW to 2.00 mW, in linearly and randomly polarized configurations. 

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