Melles Griot Helium Neon Laser Red

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IDEX Health & Science line of Melles Griot highly reliable Helium Neon lasers deliver proven performance with long life and excellent stability. We offer a wide range of HeNe wavelengths with random or linear polarized output. Our frequency stabilized Helium Neon lasers offer frequency stability better than 1 MHz.

Red, green and yellow lasers with up to 35mW of output are available. We can also provide complete laser system sets with power supply and laser in a compact package, and for OEMs we offer plasma tubes and fully customized configurations.

All our laser products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements.

Melles Griot 633-nm lasers have been field proven in applications ranging from simple alignment and pointing at construction sites and sawmills to precision measurement and ranging in the rigors of space. Typical lifetime is as high as 50,000 operating hours. 

  • High-power lasers, with output up to 35 mW, available in cylindrical or rectangular configurations, are ideal for Raman spectroscopy, fast scanning, and test-and-measurement applications that benefit from increased signal-to-noise performance.
  • Stabilized single-frequency lasers, with coherence lengths measured in kilometers, are ideal for calibration, precision measurement, and ranging applications.
  • Class II lasers (IEC Class 2), with power less than 0.95 mW, are ideal for pointing, alignment, and teaching applications where eye safety is of paramount concern.
  • Self-contained lasers are ideal for general-purpose alignment applications.

Systems are offered in both self-contained and cylindrical configurations with separate power supply.

Cylindrical HeNe Lasers :

Melles Griot manufactures a wide variety of cylindrical HeNe laser systems, only a few of which are represented here. All laser heads are mounted in rugged aluminum housings and come with a matched power supply. All systems meet CDRH requirements for laser equipment, and all 230-Vac versions are CE compliant. Lasers are available in randomly polarized (LHR series) or linearly polarized (LHP series) versions. If you have a special requirement that cannot be satisfied by one of these lasers, please contact us.

Self-Contained HeNe Lasers :

Self-contained HeNe lasers combine the laser tube and power supply in a single, compact package. They are ideal for alignment, component testing, and general laboratory use, as well as for educational and high-volume OEM applications. Melles Griot offers two package configurations: a stand-alone rectangular package that can sit directly on a laboratory table, and a cylindrical package that can be mounted in a conventional laser holder or attached to a table using the included snap-in base.

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