Access Lasers L25 Family CO2 Lasers


More and more of today’s manufacturing engineers are looking to replace mechanical processing with a robust reliable laser solution. With the Access Lasers L25’s combination of power and performance, either as an addition to an existing production machine or a new designed solution, the choice can be made with confidence.

The L25 resonator is specially designed to produce a circular beam with a M² = 1.1. The ability to focus this virtually ideal beam provides the smallest possible marks and also perfects the clarity and readability of 1 and 2D bar codes.

In the same footprint, by adding the P Super Pulse or D Dual option, the OEM can move to coding harder materials such as ceramic at top speed with a high contrast mark. The peak power also minimizes HAZ (heat affected zone) with cutting and drilling materials like medical tubing.

Access Laser specializes in making custom lasers to fit our customers’ exact needs, numerous other options are available including:

  • Water Cooling
  • Closed Loop Cooling options
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Optimization for 9.3µm or 10.2µm
  • Isotope gas fills

Power, Quality, Value

  • High Speed Coding
  • Aesthetic Skin Reconditioning
  • Thin Film Ablation

L25 Base Features

  • 25 watts CW
  • Virtually Ideal Beam Quality
  • Value and Performance for Packaging Apps


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