Access Lasers L5 Family CO2 Lasers


In today’s production environment, factory floor space is at a premium.  For OEMs making processing equipment to meet the required combination of small space and high performance, the Access Lasers L5 laser, either in CW or with the Super Pulse or Dual Pulse option, delivers.

Designed for 24/7 uptime demand, whether at the front of a cellphone production line ablating thin films off screens, or the final packaging step applying a 2-D bar code on a contact lens box, count on the L5 family for the complete solution.

The L5P Super Pulse (P) option increases the peak power from 5W to 20W and decreases the Rise and Fall times to 100µsec. If both CW and Peak Power is needed, the Dual Pulse/CW (D) option provides the functionality of both the L5 and the L5P by simply changing the power supply voltage.

Access Laser specializes in making custom lasers to fit our customers’ exact needs, numerous other options are available including:

  • Closed Loop Cooling options
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Optimization for 9.3µm or 10.2µm
  • Isotope gas fills

CW, Peak, Dual Power

  • For coding and material processing in a small footprint
  • The Super Pulse option delivers 20 watts
  • Near perfect beam quality

L5 Base Features

  • 5 watts CW power
  • Near perfect Beam Quality M2=1.1
  • Stability +/- 10%
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