Toptica TA / FA SHG pro Frequency Doubled, High Power Tunable Diode Laser

 TA SHG pro 02

The Toptica TA / FA SHG pro system comprises a tunable, grating-stabilized diode laser, a high power semiconductor (TA) or fiber (FA) amplifier, and an integrated frequency doubling stage (SHG pro). The SHG stage is a folded ring cavity in bow-tie configuration with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. The system provides tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry.

  • UV, blue, green, yellow wavelengths: 320 .. 590 nm
  • High power: Up to 2 W
  • Single-frequency operation, linewidth < 500 kHz (typ.)
  • Seed: Tunable, grating stabilized diode laser
  • Amplifier: Semiconductor or fiber amplifier
  • SHG: Resonant frequency doubling stage
  • Probe beam output of fundamental laser
  • Mode matching and beam shaping optics integrated
  • Increased amplitude stability with "noise eater" option


Wavelength range *323 .. 541 nm (with semiconductor amplifier)
520 .. 590 nm (with fiber amplifier)
Seed laser DL pro, DL 100/pro design, DL DFB
Amplifier Semiconductor amplifier TA pro
or fiber amplifier
Doubling stage SHG pro
Coarse tuning 2 .. 10 nm
Continuous scan range > 20 GHz
Operation Single frequency
Linewidth < 2 MHz @ 5 µs
< 500 kHz with DL pro
Output power Up to 2 W, wavelength dependent
Spatial mode Near diffraction limited
Optical isolation Included, 2 x 60 dB
Beam shaping Included
Water cooling Not required
Control electronics DC110, 19” double-stage rack
Warm-up time < 5 min typ.
Operating voltage 100..120 V/ 220..240 V AC
50..60 Hz (auto detect)
Power consumption < 150 W typ., 300 W max.

* With different NLO crystals and mirrors.

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