Lasermet Laser Beam Dumps

Laser Beam Shutters for Safety & Beam Control Applications
Laser Beam Shutters for Safety and Beam Control ApplicationsLS-100-12_Aperture

The LS- range of laser beam shutters are combined shutters and beam dumps designed to be driven by a safety control system such as Lasermet laser interlock control systems, for use as a means of shutting down the laser beam automatically during unauthorised access, or manually when the beam is not required. They can also be used as stand alone shutters for manual or remote switching of the beam, or are available as OEM components for laser or laser product manufacturers.


  • Gravity fed for fail safe operation
  • Combined shutter and beam dump for added safety
  • High quality engineering design
  • Specially designed for compatability with safety control systems
  • LED shutter status indication (output available for remote indication)
  • Interlocked safety shutdown or manual operation
  • Safety latch prevents accidental beam switch on
  • Remote switching option
  • Low current requirement
  • Also available as OEM product

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Opening of any laboratory door without use of the override will result in the shutter closing, thus preventing unprotected persons from exposure to the laser radiation. The shutter is fail safe and gravity fed. Loss of power will cause the shutter to close without reliance on springs or any other device. High quality engineering design ensures smooth and reliable operation.

Combined Shutter & Beam Dump
The LS- series shutters are designed to absorb all the laser beam power thus eliminating the need for an additional beam dump and avoiding hazardous reflections. The laser beam is converted to heat and radiated from the shutter case. Shutters can be used with lasers up to the maximum CW power specified. The LS-10-12 is suitable for up to 20 W average power.  The LS-100-12 is air cooled by a fan and suitable for up to 200 W average power.

Low Current Requirement
Intelligent design results in low current consumption. This increases the number of shutters which can be run from the same power supply and keeps the shutter cool for use as a beam dump when closed.


Model Max laser power (W) Aperture Size (mm) Drive voltage
(V DC)
Drive voltage with
(V DC)
Current consumption (mA) Size (mm)
LS-10-12 20 15 11 - 14 15 - 35 150 98 x 63.5 x 36*
LS-100-12 200 50 11 - 14 15 - 35 150 130 x 150 x 140 *

* 100mm including tube
** 175mm including tube


Operating Voltage
All shutters work from 12 VDC (11 – 14 VDC).  However, if your supply is 18, 24 VDC or similar request the LS voltage converter (part no.LS-VC-24.12) which enables operation from 15 – 35 VDC.


Operating Logic
The shutters will not open unless power is supplied.  When power is supplied a yellow LED lights to indicate that power is present.  A green LED will also light indicating that the shutter is fully closed.  To open the shutter the green button must be pressed.  The green LED will go out and an orange LED will light indicating that the shutter is fully open.  The shutter can be closed by pressing the red button or by cutting the power. 

Remote Switching Station for Beam Shutters


Remote Switching Station
For applications where the laser shutter is used in an enclosure and the buttons cannot be accessed, or for other remote switching requirements, the LS-RS can be used to open and close the shutter from a distance.


Switch Bypass Mode
Alternatively shutters can be put into ‘switch bypass mode’ by changing some internal links on the PCB inside the shutter.  In this mode the shutter will open immediately when the power is applied and close when the power is turned off.


Remote Indication of Shutter Status
12 VDC outputs are available from the shutter to power remote LEDs indicating shutter status.


Remote Interlock Board
An optional interlock board (part no: LS-10-IB) can be fitted, providing two volt free contacts, one normally open and one normally closed, which can be used to interlock another device to the shutter status.  These contacts are rated at 2A and 30 VDC.


Computer Interface
A computer interface device is currently under development.  This will enable operation of the shutter from a computer via a USB connected device.  Operation may be carried out by use of the standard software package provided, or by interfacing to other programs. 
Contact the Sales Department for advice on a release date.

stud positions imperial’ picture attached – alt tag ‘laser shutter with mounting plate - underside


The LS-10-12 has a single M6 thread in the base and can be mounted to a breadboard by use of an optical pin.

The LS-100-12 has four M6 mounting threads in the base.  It can be mounted on a breadboard at any angle, by use of the mounting plate pack LS-100-MP and metric (LS-100-MAS) or imperial (LS-100-IAS) mounting screws.

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