Lasers in the News July 2018

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Above left: A tiny bead struck by a laser (at the yellowish spot shown at the top of the image) produces optical modes that circulate around the interior of the bead (pinkish ring). Right: A simulation of how the optical field inside a 5-micron bead is distributed. [Image: Angel Fernandez-Bravo/Berkeley Lab, Kaiyuan Yao]

Continuous Emission from Microbead Lasers

How lasers will point to the extent of pollution in industrial skies

Here Come the Lasers: The Dawn of Energy Weapons Is Here

Making pions with lasers

New laser material combines high power with thermal tolerance

Ultracold atoms and ultrafast lasers

Edinburgh scientists use lasers to shine light on Earth's core


Lasers in the News


The Ant Nebula (Menzel 3) as seen by Hubble. Astronomers have detected hydrogen laser emission from this object – the first time lasers or masers have been convincingly seen in a planetary nebula. Credit: NASA/Hubble

Planetary Nebula Lasers

Laser bags a giant nucleus

New laser makes silicon sing

Laser bursts generate electricity faster than any other method

Modern laser science brightened by 2,300 year old technology

The Soviet laser space pistol, revealed

Russian space agency plans to incinerate space junk with powerful laser beam

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