LaVision FluidMaster

FluidMaster is a complete laser imaging system family for the quantitative visualization of thermal flows and mixing processes in fluids. Instantaneous concentration and temperature fields are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Imaging Techniques
LIF, Raman, Rayleigh

Investigation of fluid mixing, thermal flows and flow structures, flow visualization in wind tunnels and turbomachinery applications, air film cooling, hydrodynamics

- quantitative visualisation of concentration and temperature
  fields in fluids
- pH-imaging and degree of reactive mixing in liquids
- gas density measurements in thermal flows

System Features
- integrated turnkey laser imaging systems based on application
  matched best selection of laser and camera
- complete hardware control using DaVis software
- accurate hardware and signal calibration
- most effective LIF excitation techniques
- Rayleigh thermometry package for thermal gas
- oxygen (O2)-LIF imaging module

- 3D-imaging setups
- time resolved imaging, digital film recording