Photonis Streak Tubes

A streak tube is an inverter image intensifier tube with electrostatic focusing capable of resolving high-speed events over a wide-range of input wavelengths.

It can be used to measure the time variation of light intensity with respect to position or the time variation of an incident light with respect to wavelentgh.

These Photonis Streak Tubes can be used in streak mode, synchroscan mode or framing mode.

These tubes can provide nanosecond or picosecond temporal resolution performances.

They offer a variety of input and output diameters, wavelength sensitivity – including open structure for X-rays – Depending on the designs and manufacturing trade-offs such as photocathode options, screen phosphors, bilamellar optics, transfer technology…, they provide different levels of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, static or dynamic.

Involved in high end development needs for scientific experiments, PHOTONIS currently develops products to meet high-end requirements.

This expertise is of course also serving other field of applications such as molecular and plasma physics, detonics and ballistics, laser interferometry and temporal measurement, fluorescence spectroscopy, biology and femtochemistry.


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