Photonis Gamma/Neutron

When the French nuclear-power programme was initiated, CEA selected our company as partner to develop neutron and gamma detectors technology.

Five basic types have been developed and are now available from PHOTONIS:

1 - Fission chambers for in-core use
2 - Fission chambers for out-of-core use
3 - Boron lined proportional counters
4 - Gamma ionisation chambers
5 - Cable extensions

Products have been adapted for extreme neutron and gamma flux in breeder reactors. Wide-range BWR and PWR instrumentations have been developed. Gamma ionisation chambers – filled with nitrogen or xenon - have been adapted for fuel reprocessing plants.

Last but not least, PHOTONIS also developed connections expertise as this is a critical point in power-plant instrumentation.

In relation with the major instrumentation companies in the nuclear field, PHOTONIS is constantly developing new technologies and new products to answer needs in the nuclear field.


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