Photonis Power Tubes

The PHOTONIS Power Tube Product Line, one of the broadest in the industry, encompasses tubes and associated circuit components that are designed to cover virtually every need in this field. Output capabilities range from a few watts to megawatts, and frequency coverage extends from DC to over 1400 MHz.

With over 60 years of outstanding power tube experience and an established reputation for production of tubes with excellent performance, quality, and life, BURLE engineers continue to add innovative tube and associated circuit designs for new areas of customer need. BURLE offers the power tube user a reliable and quality product with dependable production capacity and capabilities, backed by strong application and design engineering support.

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Photonis XD-4

The introduction of the XD-4™ technology set the new European standard for low-light-level imaging.

Photonis XD-4™ Image Intensifiers perform extremely well in all environmental conditions.

Its broad spectral sensitivity range results in a perfect picture.

New production technology resulted in improved performance of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Resolution.

Add to this features like the small halo and the extended lifetime and you will be convinced of its unique performance.

The XD-4™ is also available with an autogating power supply unit.


Photonis XR5

The Photonis XR5™ Image Intensifier reveals more details of the night and offers eXtended Range capabilities.

We applied the latest technology to the XR5™, technology that enables the user to detect more details during a full 24-hour operation.

The prominent feature on the XR5™ is the integrated auto-gated power supply, facilitating true 24/7 operation.

Autogating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image, not only during day-night-day transitions, but also under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in urban terrain which define many of today's mission.

Our XR5™ Image Intensifier represents the new standard for night vision and is available in a variety of inverting and non-inverting 18 mm formats (form - fit - function) for existing and new optical systems.

A special version of this application is available for Aviation and Special Operations purposes.


Photonis Streak Tubes

A streak tube is an inverter image intensifier tube with electrostatic focusing capable of resolving high-speed events over a wide-range of input wavelengths.

It can be used to measure the time variation of light intensity with respect to position or the time variation of an incident light with respect to wavelentgh.

These Photonis Streak Tubes can be used in streak mode, synchroscan mode or framing mode.

These tubes can provide nanosecond or picosecond temporal resolution performances.

They offer a variety of input and output diameters, wavelength sensitivity – including open structure for X-rays – Depending on the designs and manufacturing trade-offs such as photocathode options, screen phosphors, bilamellar optics, transfer technology…, they provide different levels of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, static or dynamic.

Involved in high end development needs for scientific experiments, PHOTONIS currently develops products to meet high-end requirements.

This expertise is of course also serving other field of applications such as molecular and plasma physics, detonics and ballistics, laser interferometry and temporal measurement, fluorescence spectroscopy, biology and femtochemistry.


Photonis Gamma/Neutron

When the French nuclear-power programme was initiated, CEA selected our company as partner to develop neutron and gamma detectors technology.

Five basic types have been developed and are now available from PHOTONIS:

1 - Fission chambers for in-core use
2 - Fission chambers for out-of-core use
3 - Boron lined proportional counters
4 - Gamma ionisation chambers
5 - Cable extensions

Products have been adapted for extreme neutron and gamma flux in breeder reactors. Wide-range BWR and PWR instrumentations have been developed. Gamma ionisation chambers – filled with nitrogen or xenon - have been adapted for fuel reprocessing plants.

Last but not least, PHOTONIS also developed connections expertise as this is a critical point in power-plant instrumentation.

In relation with the major instrumentation companies in the nuclear field, PHOTONIS is constantly developing new technologies and new products to answer needs in the nuclear field.


Photonis FieldMaster Ion Guides / Drift Tubes

PHOTONIS FieldMaster™ Ion Guides/Drift Tubes offer a unique capability for analytical instrument designers and manufacturers. These devices are composed of a proprietary lead silicate glass that has been doped to produce a resistive surface.

The products can be provided with one or more resistive areas.

PHOTONIS has developed a series of specialty glass tubes which can be used by analytical instrument designers and manufactures to facilitate the movement of ion samples by providing a specific, even electric field strength.  Our FieldMaster™ Ion Guides and Drift Tubes are composed of a proprietary lead silicate glass that has been doped to produce a resistive surface.  These tubes can be etched or be equipped with leads to optimize current flow.  The resistivity can be varied over several orders of magnitude.

FieldMaster™ Ion Guides and Drift Tubes can be ordered in standard sizes and can also be etched, or equipped with leads to optimize current flow.  The resistivity can be varied over several orders of magnitude.

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