Photonis Long-Life MCPs

Long-life™ Microchannel Plates

PHOTONIS's Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates offer the highest L/D ratio available to deliver superior performance in gain for a variety of detector applications. Their sustained output is up to ten times greater compared to conventional MCPs. Importantly, Long-Life™ MCPs are rugged and durable offering stable gain and outstanding bias current stability resulting in extended operation, decreased downtime and lower costs.

PHOTONIS Microchannel Plates (MCPs) are fabricated from our proprietary Long-Life™ glass formulation. All MCPs are available with an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) option which provides a linear output range that is up to 40 times that of a standard MCP.

Long-life MCP Product Selection Guide

Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors

PHOTONIS's Advanced Performance Detectors provide significant increases in performance over alternative detectors: greater sensitivity, higher gain, and longer life. The Detection Quantum Efficiency of PHOTONIS detectors provide maximum sensitivity to enable detection of very low levels of photons, electrons, or ions. The sensitivity of PHOTONIS’s detectors enables an analytical instrument to identify elements and determine the composition and structure of complex molecules to the sub-parts-per-trillion level. Our new mass spec (MS) detectors offer previously unobtainable levels of sensitivity, dynamic range and stability.

Advanced Performance Detectors (APD) Selection guide    

Photonis Time-of-flight detectors

PHOTONIS offers the widest variety of Time-of-Flight Detectors available. Whether it’s our BiPolar or High Performance Time-of-Flight detectors, you’ll know you have today’s most advanced TOF detector technology. These patented Time-of-Flight Detectors offer previously unobtainable levels of temporal resolution, dynamic range, and high mass detection sensitivity for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. PHOTONIS's unique 2-Micron pore Microchannel plates provide the highest channel density of any MCP providing gains in excess of 5x106.

PHOTONIS AP-TOF detectors are designed with cartridges which contain a Chevron™ set of two Long-Life™ small pore Extended Dynamic Range™ MCPs, and a high transmission grid mounted in a rugged module. If necessary, this module can be purchased separately, allowing quick and easy MCP replacement.

Time-of-Flight Detectors (TOF) selection guide    

Photonis MCPs

Microchannel plates & detectors

The PHOTONIS Group is now proud to be able to propose a broader range of MCP and detectors consisting of both BURLE and PHOTONIS product ranges. Our two production sites inside the PHOTONIS Group are allowing dual sourcing safety and solutions to expert control limitations in US and Europe. Our MCP expertises both R&D and manufacturing include:

  • mass spectrometry detectors (long life focus)
  • electron multipliers for imaging applications (high resolution focus)
  • electron generator arrays

MCP Selection Guide  

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