PHOTONIS Introduces NOCTURN Color Low-Light Camera

USB3 Functionality with Day/Night Imaging

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging introduces Nocturn, a new Color Low-Light CMOS camera, optimized for low-light conditions without the need for supplemental illumination. The new camera model provides USB3 functionality and color imaging for the NOCTURN line of products, offering new standard connectivity options for video management and dissemination in aerial and ground vehicles. The model, NOCTURN U3, along with other Digital Imaging solutions, will be on live display at the PHOTONIS booth at the upcoming Eurosatory show in Paris, France, 16-20 June in Hall 6, Stand B-114. 

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SensL announce new C-Series SiPM sensors

C series

SensL’s C-Series SiPM sensors feature industry-leading low dark count rates of <100kHz/mm2, in combination with exceptional breakdown voltage uniformity. The spectral range is 300nm – 800nm, peaking at 420nm (>40% PDE). For ultrafast timing applications C-Series “FC” sensors have a uniquely fast output. The C-Series is available in different sensor sizes (1mm, 3mm and 6mm) and packaged in a variety of formats, including a 4-side tileable surface mount (SMT) package that is compatible with lead-free, reflow soldering processes.

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SensL Matrix System: Modular Scintillator Readout Solution for Nuclear Medicine


SensL’s Matrixis a modular, turnkey readout system specifically designed for nuclear medicine imaging applications. Using SensL’s silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology, the Matrix provides a fully solid-state, four-side scalable detector for the readout of scintillator arrays. It integrates the photosensor with all of the electronics required to localize, time stamp and discriminate scintillation events. Digitized event data comprising time, location and energy are sent to the host system via high-speed USB interface. By integrating multiple detector heads, the Matrix9 can perform temporal coincidence analysis, thereby reducing data rates to the host system. The Matrix is available as a turnkey, fully integrated module or as an OEM sub-system for rapid integration.

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SensL B Series: Fast, Blue-Sensitive Silicon Photomultiplier Detectors

The B Series is the latest UV Sensitive silicon photomultipliers from SensL with peak sensitivity at 420nm achieving 40% PDE. The products are offered in a wide range of packaging options and detector sizes.

SensL’s B-Series Micro detectors feature improved PDE that extends much further into the blue part of the spectrum using a P-on-N process. As well as a significantly increased PDE, select B-Series detectors have a uniquely fast output, first introduced in SensL’s M-Series detectors. These fast signals can have rise times less than 500ps and pulse widths of less than 1ns. The B-Series is available in different detector sizes (1mm, 3mm and 6mm) and packaged in a variety of formats, including a 4-side tileable surface mount (SMT) package that is compatible with leadfree, reflow soldering processes.

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SensL Silicon Photomultipliers - High Gain APDs

SensL offers the world's first direct replacement for linear Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). The SensL Silicon Photomultiplier is based on a new and novel silicon structure optimised for low light sensing over a large area. The silicon photomultiplier combines the high gain (106) of PMTs with the form factor, low voltage (<50V) and mechanical robustness of silicon APDs. It is the ideal solution for low light sensing OEMs striving to design portable, smaller and lower cost systems. This novel concept is also revolutionising the sensor technology used in all radiation detection and scintillator based sensing applications, especially Nuclear Medicine and High Energy Physics.

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SensL offers the world's first direct replacement for linear Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). The SensL Silicon Photomultiplier is based on a new and novel silicon structure optimised for low light sensing over a large area. 

Compared to other photosensor technologies, such as PiN diodes, APDs and PMTs, SiPMs offer a winning combination of properties. These include high gain, excellent PDE and fast timing along with the practical advantages associated with solid-state technology, such as compactness, ruggedness, low bias voltage and insensitivity to magnetic fields.

SensL is now recognized as the market leader for low-light sensing applications, as a result of 10 years of continuous product improvements, serving hundreds of customers. The SensL advantage lies in a number of fundamental factors that come together to result in a product and service that surpass the competition.

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SensL HRM Time

SensL’s HRM-TDC is a portable, highly functional timing system providing flexible, easy-to-use timing functions. The HRM-TDC has four channels, each with 27ps timing resolution and a maximum data rate of 4.5MHz over high- speed USB 2.0 to the host computer. The system also comes equipped with 16 general-purpose, user-configurable I/O ports and a programmable TTL clock output.

The HRM-TDC system architecture combines a high performance timing module with a high-end FPGA, on-board memory and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. The FPGA is the heart of the system and controls all aspects of operation in addition to performing commands from the external host computer. It uses a proprietary communication protocol for communication with the host PC running either the SensL Integrated Environment (SIE), or the users own application built using the SensL DLL. The SIE, DLL and LabView drivers are provided for the system.

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SensL Photon Counting and Timing Systems

A family of photon counting and timing systems ranging from the world's smallest and lowest cost photon counting device, the PCDMini, which is optimized for high volume commercial OEM applications, to the world's first intelligent multi-channel photon counting and timing system, the PCMPlus, with an integrated counter, timing electronics and USB interface. SensL is the first to include high end microprocessing power inside its low light sensing modules. Controlled via a Java based graphical user interface SensL's products can be directly integrated into low light sensing applications without the need for additional counting cards or data analysis software. An example of the benefit of this integration is evident in the PCMPlus, which integrates high level functionality such as Time Tagging with 2.5ns resolution, Time Binning Multi-channel Scalar/Averager (MCS/ MCA) and Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) into a single convenient plug and play system. The new HRMTime introduces a <100ps timing resolution option in addition to the other PCSTime functionality described above.

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