Raptor Photonics Eagle V Deep-cooled Vacuum CCD

EV DSC04358 rgb ds

Deep Cooled Vacuum CCD, with 2048 x 2048 resolution. The best in class

Introducing one of the most sensitive CCD cameras in the World. The Eagle V combines a number of key elements required for ultra-sensitive imaging. Using a back-illumintated 4MP CCD sensor from e2v, and putting into Raptor's proprietary PentaVac vacuum enclousure and cooling it to a delta of greater than  -110°C using a multi-stage TEC and liquid cooling, the Eagle V is the perfect camera for long exposures in applications including high resolution fluorescence imaging and astronomy. Offering low read noise of <3e- unbinned and binning options up to 32x32, the Eagle also offers dual read-out rates of 75kHz and 2MHz. 

The Eagle V offers "best in class" performance with low residual charge and ghosting diminished. Raptor has designed this camera as it does with all it's cameras making it very rugged and reliable. To that end we are offering a lifetime guarantee on the vacuum meaning that the camera will cool to spec every time.

  •  Lifetime vacuum guarantee - Protection and integrity of the sensor
  • Extremely low dark current - Deep cooled to greater than -110°C delta enables long exposure times
  • Back illuminated 4MP sensor from e2v - Enables large field of view imaging
  • 13.5ìm x 13.5ìm pixels - Enables ultra sharp image resolution
  • High QE: >90% @ 525nm and 50% @ 380nm & 720nm- Optimum photon collection

Typical Applications:

  • Adaptive Optics and Astronomy
  • Fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy
  • High resolution fluorescence imaging
  • Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV)

Download full datasheet here.


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