LaVision PIV cameras

Depending on the requirements for your specific application LaVision offers different PIV cameras.


Imager sCMOS camera contains a new generation of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor and combines the advantages of modern CCD and CMOS sensor technologies resulting in an unsurpassed image quality and system performance. The high resolution 5.5 million pixel Imager sCMOS camera with extremely low readout noise and high frame rates of 50 Hz at full resolution offers excellent imaging performance in the field of quantitative scientific (laser) imaging.

Imager pro X 512

Imager pro X camera family offers high sensitive sensors and electronics, most efficient use of memory in camera head, low readout noise, high spatial resolution in combination with shortest interframe times dt.

Imager pro SX 5M 512

Imager SX cameras are very compact and lightweight, price-efficient high resolution and low noise digital cameras. The cameras are available with 4 million pixel or 5 million pixel spatial resolution and frame rates up to 30 Hz and 15 Hz respectively. Both models can be operated at full spatial resolution or in reduced resolution mode so that a high framerate can be achieved when required.


Imager LX camera family is an advanced, high resolution, progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera ideally for large flow field areas. The camera delivers up to 14 bit digital images and gives unsurpassed resolution from 8 million pixel to 29 million pixel combined with a short interframe time down to 0.3 µs. The camera is compact and is equipped with a modern Gigabit Ethernet interface for easy and fast data storing to the computer.

1150 2 HS cameras

HighSpeedStar, Imager HS 4M and Phantom CMOS sensors with frame rates up to several kHz at highest spatial resolution.  

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