LaVision Cameras for Strain applications

LaVision is offering a wide range of cameras for operation purposes. Very common used for strain and deformation analysis for normal speed imaging are the CCD models Imager E-lite andImager X-lite.

Imager E lite

The Imager E-lite cameras are high sensitivity, high resolution digital cameras, equipped with an interline transfer chip with progressive scan readout. The cameras deliver 12 bit digital images and comes with a fast Gigabit Ethernet interface for distances up to 100 m. In combination with its small and lightweight design, these cameras are ideal for flexible and portable use. Models are available with 2 and 5 mega pixel.


LaVision‘s Imager X-lite cameras are advanced progressive scan, fully programmable CCD cameras. They deliver high quality images, combined with high spatial resolution. Models are available with 8, 11, 16, 29 mega pixel.

High-speed cameras

For Strain applications with highly transient phenomena we offer various high speed CMOS cameras with frame rates up to several kHz at highest spatial resolution.

Imager MX 4M large

The Imager MX 4M camera has a 4 million pixel 12 bit sensor with excellent sensitivity characteristics, but is able to work at frame rates up to 180 Hz at maximum resolution. With this extremely compact and cost effective solution it is also possible to use a reduced AOI and get up to 700 Hz with a 1 million pixel "letterbox" region; often ideal for the typical high aspect ratio specimens.

1150 2 HS cameras

HighSpeedStar, Imager pro HS 4M and Phantom CMOS sensors with frame rates up to several kHz at highest spatial resolution.  

LaVision Ultra-Fast Gated Cameras


Imaging of ultrafast phenomena in the nanosecond or picosecond regime is only possible with a very fast gateable intensifier module. Applications like fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), FRET, LIDAR and multi-photon microscopy were enabled by fast gateable time-correlated imaging.

The camera family PicoStar from LaVision represents the leading edge of ultra-fast gated, intensified CCD camera systems in the picosecond (ps) range. Three camera models are available:

PicoStar: < 100 ps @ 10 kHz, 18 mm image intensifier
PicoStar HR: < 300 ps @ < 110 MHz, 18 mm image intensifier 
PicoStar UF: < 80 ps @ 10 kHz, 12 mm image intensifier

LaVision High Speed cameras


LaVision offers a range of high-speed camera systems to match requirements in speed, performance, resolution and recording time to any specific application. Options like increased memory, special timing units for synchronization as well as customized software are available on request.

The HighSpeed IRO is a modular lens-coupled system to be mounted in front of (ultra-) high-speed cameras giving highest sensitivity in the UV range. Due to the special image intensifier configuration much higher signal output is achieved compared to standard single stage intensifier systems.

LaVision Intensified CCD cameras

1160 2 NanoStar new

LaVision's intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras find applications in low level light as well as gated, time-resolved detection in conjunction with e.g. pulsed lasers. Due to the short gating (shutter speeds down to below 80 ps) scattered and background light can be effectively reduced. A precise timing unit for control of hardware components is included in all ICCD camera systems. LaVision also offers dedicated and programmable synchronization/timing and delay units for this purpose. 

IRO Image Intensifier upgrade allows easy upgrade of all LaVision CCD camera to full ICCD performance. This system yields maximum spatial resolution without intensifier for e.g. PIV as well as highest sensitivity with intensifier for e.g. LIF imaging. The IRO is lens coupled to CCD camera and allows gating times down to 5 ns.

LaVision's PicoStar is an ultra-fast gated, intensified CCD camera system with very short gating times in the picosecond (ps) range.

LaVision CCD and sCMOS Cameras


LaVision offers a range of scientific camera systems to guarantee optimal performance for any specific application. Options like fiber-optic input window, UV-sensitive coating or special timing units for synchronization as well as customized software are available on request.

Imager pro X and Imager LX are high resolution 14 bit CCD cameras with up to 29 million pixel spatial resolution and modern CamLink interface for fast storage to PC RAM. All cameras have a double exposure feature with an interframe time down to 100 ns.

Imager sCMOS camera contains a new generation of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor and combines the advantages of up-to-date CCD and CMOS sensor technologies resulting in an unsurpassed image quality and system performance. The high resolution 5.5 million pixel Imager sCMOS camera with extremely low readout noise and high frame rates offers excellent imaging performance in the field of quantitative scientific (laser) imaging. 

Imager E-lite is a low cost 12 bit CCD camera family with progressive scan sensors. The compact camera head in combination with high spatial resolution sensor and Gigabit Ethernet is ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments.

LaVision cameras

2422 40 Cameras 2

Cameras for Intelligent Imaging

Intelligent imaging starts with an intelligent selection of the best possible camera to guarantee best imaging performance. Since different camera models can be distinguished by different advantages we test and qualify each new camera model with our extensive in-house knowledge and strict quality criteria to offer the best imaging solution for our customer’s application.

Each camera system from LaVision includes our universal timing and synchronization unit PTU X, a dedicated PC and our high performance imaging software DaVis for image acquisition, processing, presentation and data storage.

DaVis controls more than 70 different cameras including high-speed and intensified models. LaVision is constantly implementing selected new models to provide state-of-the-art camera technology for our imaging systems.

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