Introducing Glaser Jailer: Lasermet's Active Laser Safety Window


Lasermet's Active Laser Safety Window, known as the Glaser Jailer, is a failsafe safety system that enables high powered lasers to be switched off virtually immediately if the laser beam inadvertently strikes the window.

Usually fitted into the panels or doors of the Laser Castle (Laser Safety Cabin), Glaser Jailer is connected to the interlock control system to enable laser welding operations to be viewed safely from outside the cabin.

This enables multi-kilowatt lasers (up to 10kW) used for welding, cutting and cladding to be made safe, preventing harm to personnel and preventing damage to surrounding infrastructure. The Glaser Jailer window is suitable for all laser powers, wavelengths and waveforms.

Integrated into Lasermet's Laser Jailer active laser guarding system, it provides a complete active solution. Currently in operation worldwide, this revolutionary active, patented technology is already tested and proven.

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Gentex Filtron Light Management Filters

Gentex offer a versatile stock of Laser Protective Sheets featuring Filtron's light management technology. The dye-impregnated acrylic sheets are widely used in such applications as doorways, windows or any area where a large area of laser protection is required. Filtron's Laser Protective Sheets are available in a standard 24" wide x 36" high x 0.125" thick acrylic format. Further, Gentex will design Laser Protective Sheets for you to attenuate any wavelength from 180 to 1600 nm, or customize an absorber dye to attenuate several wavelengths within one Laser Protective Sheet. Custom solutions for acrylic formats are available upon request, offering sheet sizes as large as 36" wide x 48" high x 0.125" thick.

For details of available materials, please see below.

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Laser Consumables

Lastek offers a range of laser consumables for all the lasers it sell and services.

DI filterBurn PaperFlashlamps

- Flashlamps

- DI filters

- Oring kits

- Burn paper

- Dye cells

Please contact our sales or service team if you require these or any other laser consumable

Exciton Laser Dyes

Exciton has invested in complementary technologies of

•  highly fluorescent dyes, including laser dyes, and
•  selective absorber dyes, including infrared absorbing dyes for laser filters

In addition, Exciton carries out contract R&D for both fluorescent and absorber dyes and dye stabilizers for applications ranging from fluorescent tags, to OLEDs, to neon cut filters, to color gamut filters, to optical recording media, to telecommunications materials.

Exciton excels in the production of high purity dyes. High purity is critical in laser dyes for maximizing dye laser output, in sensitizing dyes for photolithographic applications, and in absorbing dyes where impurities can lead to losses in luminous transmission or may introduce haze or scattering in laser filters. Furthermore, Exciton works with, and produces high thermal stability dyes for, polycarbonate molders who produce the highest optical quality filters.

Exciton's facilities include both glass and stainless steel reactors for the production of dye intermediates and dyes, as well as associated products, such as quadricyclane, which are produced by a photochemical process.

Let Exciton apply its proprietary art in dye technology to your fluorescent or absorber application. 

Laser Wavelength Chart

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Light Conversion Geco: Scanning Auto-correlator



  • Measures pulse duration in 10 fs – 20 ps range
  • Single set of optics for 500 – 2000 nm range
  • High resolution voice coil driven delay line
  • Non‑collinear intensity and collinear interferometric autocorrelation traces
  • Onboard pulse‑analysis software for pulse duration measurements
  • Integrated controller and computer
  • Non‑dispersive polarization control
  • FROG and FTIR ready

Operation of the Light ConversionGECO autocorrelator is based on noncollinear second harmonic generation in a nonlinear crystal, producing intensity autocorrelation trace directly related to the input beam pulse duration. One arm of the fundamental pulse is delayed by means of a magnetic linear positioning stage, providing fast, reliable motion with < 0.15 fs resolution. GECO can acquire a full intensity autocorrelation trace of 10 fs to 20 ps pulses and covers the full 500 nm to 2000 nm wavelength range.

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Thorlabs: Autocorrelator for Femtosecond Lasers

Autocorrelator Alignment A1 780

  • Ultrafast Pulse Width Characterization for 650 - 1100 nm
  • For Pulses from 40 fs to 1 ps, or Pulses Down to 15 fs with Precompensation
  • Selectable Gain up to 70 dB to Accommodate Large Range of Input Powers
  • Interferogram Signal Output through BNC
  • Scan Rate of 5 Hz
  • Compact Footprint: 6.90" x 5.53" x 4.82"

Thorlabs' FSAC Interferometric Autocorrelator provides approximate pulse width measurements in the 650 - 1100 nm wavelength range. Well suited for diagnostics of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers, it consists primarily of a modified Michelson interferometer with a nonlinear detector at the output.

A BNC connector outputs the autocorrelation signal, which can be viewed on any oscilloscope with >1.5 MHz bandwidth. An example of the direct output from the FSAC is shown in the graph to the right. A photodiode amplifier with selectable gain from 0 dB to 70 dB provides compatibility with a large range of optical input powers, up to a maximum average power of 150 mW.

Intuitive, easy-to-reach controls on the outside of the enclosure allow the user to optimize the resolution and fringe contrast. The controls for the delay arm enable a full scan range of 50 fs to 10 ps (i.e., ±25 fs to ±5 ps), and a micrometer tunes the detector's position for maximum signal.

Interferometric Autocorrelator G1 780

This interferometric autocorrelation was obtained using teh Thorlabs Octavius® laser.  Precompensating Mirrors were used to chirp the beam prior to entering the autocorrelator.



Femtochrome manufactures state-of-the-art instruments for the characterization of ultrafast optical laser pulses.

High Finesse


High Finesse is a leading supplier of high precision wavelength meters and research electronics.



Femtochrome manufactures state-of-the-art instruments for the characterization of ultrafast optical laser pulses.


Gentec EO

Gentec-EO is a manufacturer of laser beam measurement technologies. With a 35 year track record of innovation and providing quality solutions for laser beam measurement applications from the factory to the hospital and laboratory, Gentec-EO stands ready to serve you now and in the future. Their product line includes a complete range of  laser power meters, laser energy meters, monitors, photo detectors, OEM detectors, beam diagnostics and diffractive optics.

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