Lasermet laser beam shutters for safety and beam control applications

Laser Beam Shutters for Safety and Beam Control ApplicationsLS-100-12_Aperture

  • Gravity fed for fail safe operation
  • Combined shutter and beam dump for added safety
  • High quality engineering design
  • Specially designed for compatability with safety control systems
  • LED shutter status indication (output available for remote indication)
  • Interlocked safety shutdown or manual operation
  • Safety latch prevents accidental beam switch on
  • Remote switching option
  • Low current requirement
  • Also available as OEM product

Click here to Download the lasermet shutter brochure

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Laser Safety Software

Fast and Accurate Laser Safety Calculations By LaserSafe PC

Intra beam calculation
New Windows®
software updated
to latest standards
IEC/EN 60825-1:2001
New classes
Revised MPEs

free AEL / MPE calculation demo software

Produced by GL Services in association with Lasermet Ltd, this is an ideal package for Laser Safety Officers or anyone else who regularly performs risk assessments on lasers or LEDs. According with all the relevant standards, (see below), it will save you hours of work and give consistent and correct answers to your calculations of MPEs, AELs, accessible emission, optical density requirements, classification etc. Because it performs in seconds, calculations which used to take hours, you can easily explore the safety of different scenarios for your laser or laser system. LaserSafe PC is by far the most comprehensive and widely used laser safety software available, with extensive use by major companies, government institutions and Universities.

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Lasermet Laser Castle - rapid-build, modular laser safety cabins

passive laser safety enclosure

Lasermet's laser safety cabins protect personnel from the dangers of high powered laser beams by absorbing the laser power in the specially designed walls and roof.

These modular, Class 1, room-sized enclosures are tested and certified to international laser safety standards (IEC 60825-4 Safety of Laser Products Part 4 - Laser Guards) and can be rapidly designed, built and installed by Lasermet.

They are supplied with Lasermet's interlock control system and high quality, dual message, dual colour, low voltage, illuminated LED signs. Lasermet's audible warning sign (the Audio Alert) can also be installed. A CCTV system covers the operation inside the cabin and provision is made for fume extraction, making this a cost effective and extremely easy method of enclosing the laser system, which then complies to international laser safety standards.

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Lasermet: LaserLightScreen

LaserLightScreens are lightweight laser blocking, portable screens from Lasermet designed to enclose an area where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are used to protect against accidental exposure or for long term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.

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Lasermet CE Marked Laser-Blocking Screens

Lasermet laser blocking screens 

To protect personnel from Class 4 and Class 3B lasers it is imperative to have comprehensive laser safety protection in place. Laser radiation must be prevented from escaping from labs and manufacturing facilities using certified equipment. Also, facilities utilising Class 1 lasers which are Class 4 under service conditions may require free-standing screens to allow other work to continue safely in the same room during service.

Lasermet provide a range of free-standing laser-blocking screens which are designed for use as passive guards to enclose areas where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use either to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam or for long term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities. All Lasermet laser-blocking screens are CE marked and certified to EN 60825-4 (Safety of Laser Products Part 4: Laser Guards).


Lasermet Laser Enclosures

Class 1 Enclosures for Class 4 Lasers - CE Certified to EN 60825-4

Laser safety cell 

 Class 1 laser cabin

 Class 1 laser safety enclosure

  Laser safety cell   

 Class 1 laser cabin                     

 Class 1 laser safety enclosure 

Lasermet supply and install Class 1 room size laser enclosures for high power lasers. All enclosures are sold tested and certified to EN 60825-4 (Safety of Laser Products Part 4 - Laser Guards). These can be supplied complete with interlock system and illuminated signs. Fume extraction and/or air conditioning can also be supplied, as can CCTV. This is a cost effective and extremely easy method of enclosing your laser system which fulfils your safety requirements and frees up space for other activities.

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Lasermet Slim Jim - The Thin Profile Backlit LED Sign


Slim Jim is the new thin profile backlit LED sign from Lasermet.  Measuring approximately 11mm thick, this extremely thin LED sign runs directly from 230V AC mains power with no additional power supply or transformer.

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Lasermet Low Profile Fluorescent Illuminated Warning Signs


Lasermet’s Illuminated Laser Warning Signs are 68 mm deep and are provided as single, double or triple message signs. The double and triple message signs have a black panel and are semi-secret when off. All signs incorporate the latest fluorescent low energy bulb technology, with two bulbs per section providing redundancy in the case of bulb failure.

Download detailed brochure here.

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Lasermet Large Area Low Voltage LED Signs - Ultra Range


The result of an intensive development programme, the Lasermet Ultra Range of LED signs offer state of the art LED technology in a highly aesthetic design.

Ultra Slim Design

With a thickness of only 24 mm these signs are the ultimate in slim-line design and can be wall mounted at any height without causing any form of obstruction or hazard.

The signs are constructed of an aluminium extrusion with textured matt black powder coat finish, moulded black plastic end caps and tinted acrylic front panel, giving a highly desirable appearance.

Download detailed brochure here.

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Lasermet Low Voltage LED Warning and Room Information Signs


These LED signs operate from 24V DC and can be used as stand alone units or alternatively can be automatically switched by a Lasermet ICS safety access control system. Being relatively compact they can be mounted between door handle and eye height which ensures that they will be seen by someone intending to enter the door. A range of hazard warning signs and room information signs are available.

Low energy signs: Utilising the latest LED technology, these signs are ultra low energy with a power consumption of only 3.6W.

Download detailed brochure showing available models here, or read below for further information.

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