Ekspla Picosecond SBS compressed high energy Nd:YAG lasers SL230 series


SL 200 series lasers are excellent solution for applications, where high energy picosecond pulses are needed. Not like conventional mode-locked lasers that typically use saturable nonlinear absorption or Kerr lensing to produce ultrafast pulses, the SL200 series lasers employ backward stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in liquid for the same purpose.

Ekspla High energy picosecond mode-locked Nd:YLF lasers PL3140 series

Ekspla PL3140

PL3140 series mode-locked picosecond Nd:YLF lasers have excellent output parameters, are reliable and still remain simple and convienent to use.  Pulse duration as short as 10 ps is achieved without any sacrifice on beam quality.

Ekspla PL11M series - high pulse repetition rate lasers


PL11M series picosecond diode pumped laser offers 1 W output power at 1064 nm. It features high 1 MHz repetition rate, short 10 ps pulse duration and excellent beam quality (M² < 1.5). Stable output parameters and rugged cost-effective design establishes  PL11M series lasers as an excellent choice for various spectroscopy applications.

Ekspla PL2250 series high energy picosecond mode-locked Nd:YAG lasers


Featuring up to 100 mJ pulse energy and <30 picosecond (20 ps optional) pulse duration, PL2250 series  picosecond mode-locked Nd:YAG lasers set new standard in high pulse energy picosecond lasers. Innovative and cost effective design allows to improve laser reliability, while reducing running and maintenance costs.

Ekspla PL2230 series high energy full DPSS mode-locked Nd:YAG lasers


The first commercial fully diode pumped high pulse energy mode-locked laser, producing 28 ps pulses with up to 40 mJ pulse energy at a 50 Hz pulse repetition rate.

Ekspla Narrow linewidth picosecond OPG PGX11 series


PGx11 series optical parametric generators offer broad output wavelength tuning - from 210 nm to 16 000 nm with nearly Fourier-transform limited linewidth (2 cm-1 and 0.5 cm-1) and low divergence.

Ekspla kHz repetition rate picosecond OPG PGX03 series

Ekspla PGX03

PGX03 series OPGs are excellent choice for researchers who need picosecond tunable sources from UV to mid IR. Featuring 1 kHz repetition rate and due to the unique broad tunability range these devices are a very attractive and cost-efficient alternative to other tunable laser radiation sources.

Ekspla PGX01 series: High energy, narrow linewidth picosecond optical parametric generators (OPGs)

Ekspla PGX01

Ekspla PGX01 series picosecond optical parametric generators (OPGs) feature high pulse energy and narrow linewidth. PGX01 series OPGs are an excellent choice for researchers who need picosecond tunable source from UV to mid IR. Due to the unique tunability range these devices are a very attractive and cost-efficient alternative to other tunable laser radiation sources.  

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Ekspla PT200 series picosecond tunable lasers


PT200 series lasers integrate picosecond optical parametric oscillator and picosecond DPSS pump laser into single compact housing. Picosecond tunable lasers feature 690-3400 nm tuning range, 3-4 ps pulse duration, nearly Fourier transform-limited linewidth and up to 87 Mhz repetition rate. Megahertz pulse repetition rate is optimal for using photon-counting detection technique in numerous nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy applications.

Ekspla NL310 series high energy nanosecond q-switched Nd:YAG lasers


Up to 5 J nanosecond pulses, excellent beam quality and 0.5% pulse energy stability make this nanosecond laser an excellent choice for pumping dye, Ti:Sapphire lasers and OPOs. In addition, extremely low jitter of optical pulse with respect to sync pulse allows reliable synchronization with external equipment.

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