Laser Quantum's taccor: A unique turn-key femtosecond laser

Laser Quantum taccor

The taccor is a unique turn-key femtosecond laser from Laser Quantum with integrated pump source in a hermetically sealed cavity. At 1GHz repetition rate it delivers up to 1.8W of average power with pulses that can be as short as 15fs. The taccor is designed as self mode-locking and stabilising.  

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Crystalaser DPSS Lasers


Crystalaser, founded in 1995, located in Reno, Nevada, USA, is a leading manufacturer of ultra-compact diode-pumped solid-state crystal laser systems. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise and excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

    CrystaLaser manufactures compact diode-pumped solid-state DPSS crystal laser products including diode-pumped green laser, blue laser, yellow laser, red laser, infrared laser and ultraviolet UV Laser systems. The Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4, and SHG THG FHG of YAG, YLF and YVO4 lasers with true CW output and Q-switched pulsed output are for industrial instrumentation applications in holography, biomedical, fluorescence, reprographics, laser trapping, interferometry, semiconductor inspection and material processing

    A complete catalogue of Crystalaser's DPSS lasers is available for download here .

Melles Griot DPSS Lasers

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Melles Griot DPSS lasers are compact and reliable, with minimal heat generation and high resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. A compact laser head delivers excellent output power and pointing stability, thanks to state-of-the art thermal management and current control, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments. A choice of fiber optic and free space beam delivery is available for most products.

We offer yellow, green, and blue DPSS laser systems in a wide range of wavelength and power options.  

All our laser products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements.

  • All solid-state for reliability
  • Stable output from 10°C to 40°C
  • RS-232 interface
  • CDRH and CE compliant

Frequency-multiplied diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers are an exciting tool for OEM applications. They combine the beam quality of a gas laser and the small sized and efficiency of a diode laser to provide visible output in the blue, green, and yellow wavelength regions. Because of their size, efficiency, power, and single wavelength, these lasers are ideal for use in microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, particle measurement, and graphics applications.

Melles Griot doubled DPSS lasers are convection or forced-air cooled and come in a variety of package configurations. Output powers range from a few milliwatts to as high as three watts. In many applications, the green lasers can be used to replace green helium neon lasers (543 nm) or air-cooled argon lasers operating at 514 nm, and the blue lasers can be used to replace argon lasers operating at 488 nm. Our new yellow DPSS lasers, operating at 561 nm, are ideally suited for fluorophre excitation, particulary for Rhodamine, ROX, and Alexa Fluor dyes, and are a highly reliable, drop-in replacements for argon/krypton lasers operating at 568 nm. Blue and yellow DPSS lasers operate in a single longitudinal mode, providing a coherence length in excess of five meters.

Laser Quantum finesse

The Laser Quantum 532nm finesse, the established choice of Ti:Sapphire pump source for integrators worldwide, is now available at powers of up to 16W. Far more compact than other 532nm lasers of its kind, the finesse boasts lifetimes extending far beyond our industry leading 5 year/15,000 hour warranty period, with pump diode MTBF greater than 40,000 hours; double that of many similar sources. All of this from a laser so insensitive to vibration that it is used in helicopters in flight; so robust that every laser despatched has withstood a 1,200G drop test on 3 faces. Push the boundaries of science, with finesse.

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Laser Quantum finesse pure CEP

The Laser Quantum finesse pure CEP brings a new level of useability to the complex application of carrier envelope phase stabilisation. It enables the direct modulation of the pump laser, removing the cost, alignment and maintenance required with the use of an external AOM.  

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Laser Quantum opus 532


The opus 532 is a premium 532nm green laser product with excellent beam parameters, sophisticated software and control interface. Each opus includes our RemoteApp technology that allows the user a full, remote computer interface. With near-unity M-squared and excellent power stability in a rugged, patented design, the opus is an exceptional laser designed for demanding applications.  

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Laser Quantum ventus solo

The Laser Quantum ventus solo has been specifically designed for Raman spectroscopy. With a narrowed line width, it has the benefits of the stability and robustness of the ventus laser with increased resolution capability required by modern Raman instruments. 

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Laser Quantum ventus 532


The Laser Quantum ventus has become the laser of choice in the scientific industry. With its compact size and RMS noise of <0.15% the ventus 532 can produce up to 1.5W, which makes the ventus 532 unrivalled for size and power in the market. The ventus is used in a wide and varied range of applications, including Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging, and it is also available with several power supply options.  

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Laser Quantum tau 532


The tau is Laser Quantum's smallest laser to date. The compact, mono-block design makes it an ideal choice for OEM integration and the 532 has an exceptional output of up to 150mW with a highly stable, diffraction limited beam. It is a high specification, single transverse mode 532nm CW green laser making it ideal for Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, DNA sequencing and for integration into OEM packages.  

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Laser Quantum torus


The Laser Quantum torus family offer a range of single longitudinal mode lasers with bandwidths below 1MHz. These are ideal for applications such as high resolution Raman spectroscopy, holography and interferometry that benefit from the long coherence length.

Uniquely the torus family all benefit from the active mode locking technology that ensure a stable frequency output across long measurements and wide temperature fluctuations. This technology eliminates mode drift and hop.

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