Krypton Ion

Melles Griot Krypton-ion lasers have output across the visible. The major krypton wavelengths are 568 nm (yellow), 647 nm (red), and 676 nm (red). The blue-green wavelengths of krypton are significantly weaker than those of argon-ion lasers, so in many cases krypton and argon are mixed in the same discharge tube to provide balanced output (see argon/krypton lasers). Melles Griot only offers single-line krypton lasers with output at 568 nm. Single-line yellow output is available from our line of krypton/argon lasers. The individual krypton red lines can be obtained from our tunable argon/krypton lasers.

All systems feature both automatic power control (light regulation) and automatic current control modes that are accessible through an RS-232 interface. Output can be varied from near threshold to full power.

Full details of models available here