LaVision Biotec Ultramicroscope

The LaVision Biotec Ultra-microscope represents an entirely new class of imaging system, created by combining pioneering ideas from the last century with today's technical concepts. It offers exceptional new opportunities for: :

  • Whole brain imaging at cellular resolution
  • 3D high speed imaging without bleaching
  • High throughput phenotype screening.

The Ultramicroscope can handle samples of even a centimetre in size, yet with sub-cellular resolution. Based on a technique originally developed for particle analysis in 1903, it has been refined this century for optical sectioning of large biological samples.

LaVision BioTec’s Ultramicroscope utilizes a thin sheet of light to excite biological samples while the fluorescence light is detected with a CCD-equipped microscope perpendicularly to the illuminated area. By moving the sample through the sheet and taking pictures at each depth, one generates a 3D image at cellular resolution in whole organs, using fluorescent proteins, fluorescent dyes or autofluorescence!

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