• Access Lasers L20G Family CO2 Lasers


    L20-G Features:

    • All the features of the L20 with wavelength tuning

    Designed for an industrial landscape but developed from high accuracy reference standard models, the L20S bridges the gap between uncompromising performance and cost effective reliability. Starting with an industry leading +/- 2% power stability, the L20S can be configured with Line Tracker, providing a 1% stable laser, locked into a single wavelength.

    In applications that also need a single specific wavelength, the L20G configuration provides a tunable CO2 source. With grating tuning from 9.3 ?m to 10.8 ?m in a water cooled package the L20G is a leading edge laboratory instrument.

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  • Access Lasers Merit-G Family CO2 Lasers


    Merit-G Features:

    • All the features of the Merit with wavelength tuning

    In today’s high tech industry, the lines between pure research and product development overlap, requiring tools with both laboratory accuracy and industrial 24/7 production robustness. The Access Lasers Merit-S, designed for reference standard accuracy with configuration options for true CW and Peak Power performance is a new generational tool to fit that paradigm.

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  • Access Lasers L4 Family CO2 Lasers


    Small in size while big in performance, the Access Lasers L4 laser family provides the ideal solution for applications needing less power but higher precision in a compact package. With the same Access Laser optimized resonator design as in the higher power lasers producing a virtual perfect M² = 1.1 beam, high precision applications in thin film processing, interferometric measurement, and spectroscopy achieve the needed performance in a small cost effective package.

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  • Access Lasers L3 Family CO2 Lasers


    Before the development of the Access Lasers L3 family of lasers, it was considered technologically impossible to make a very small footprint sealed RF CO2 laser with both low power and high performance. The L3 delivers both, at only 7.5 inches (190mm) X 2 inches (50mm) by 2.5 inches (63mm), it still delivers virtually perfect beam quality of M2=1.1.

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  • Access Lasers High Performance CO2 systems




    Access Lasers family of industry leading stabilized lasers provide the advantage of power and wavelength at 2% precision in both fan and water-cooled configurations. In applications such as kiss cutting (selective depth), thin film ablation, and fiber optic manufacturing, where an ordinary non-stabilized laser simply isn’t precise enough, Access Laser’s models from the L3S at 400mW to the AL30S at 30 watts deliver unmatched performance.

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