• Abberior Instruments and Super Resolution Microscopy at Lastek
    Abberior Instruments and Super Resolution Microscopy at Lastek

    Abberior Instruments has partnered with Lastek in Australia and New Zealand to offer the most complete experience for super resolution microscopy. Read more here.

  • Raptor Photonics OWL 640 SWIR camera
    Raptor Photonics OWL 640 SWIR camera

    Raptor Photonics OWL 640 is the best performing SWIR camera in the world. Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details. Read more.

  • Toptica: DL pro with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.

  • High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources
    High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources

    Analyses multi-line or broadband spectra of cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, and more.  Lastek currently have a demonstration system available for evaluation. Read more...

  • Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems
    Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems

    ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development


Princeton Applied Research Launches Bundle: Activation of VersaSTAT FRA and ZSIMPWIN



Providing both Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) data acquisition and analysis together

Each VersaSTAT potentiostat from Princeton Applied Research, a unit of AMETEK Scientific Instruments, is equipped with a Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) that can be easily activated and used to run impedance experiments.  ZSimpWin modeling software can be used to fit the data. AMETEK® is offering special bundled pricing, combining FRA activation and ZSimpWin!

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LaVision introduces a series of new cameras for PIV applications

PIV cameras

LaVision's well-proven very sensitive Imager sCMOS camera now comes with a modern and ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface allowing high data throughput. The connection from camera head to frame grabber via fiber optical link enables safe data transfer over long distances.

For moderate velocity ranges the Imager MX 2M and MX 5M USB3 cameras are best suited. The cameras offer frame rates around 100 Hz, in combination with a 50 Hz or 100 Hz PIV laser they are ideal for applications in water or other fluids. All cameras are compact and light weight and have an in-built double shutter mode for short interframe times for a wide range of PIV flow field applications. The new Imager SX 6M and SX 9M cameras are price-efficient, low noise cameras and provide a modern USB3 Vision interface. The cameras combine high spatial resolution for larger scale PIV application with high frame rates.

Light Conversion Flint Femtosecond Yb Oscillators


The Light Conversion FLINT oscillator is based on Yb:KGW crystal end-pumping by high brightness laser diode module. Generation of femtosecond pulses is provided by Kerr lens mode-locking, once started, modelocking remains stable over a long period of time and is immune to minor mechanical impact. The oscillator can be equipped with external electrooptical Pulse Picker and appropriate timing electronics allowing selection of a single pulse at repetition rates up to 100 kHz. Piezo-actuator can be implemented in customized oscillators in order to control the cavity length. FLINT oscillator can also be equipped with Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization system.

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Ocean Optics: Time to Upgrade to a New Spectrometer


Trade in your old spectrometer to receive a great discount on one of Ocean Optics' newest spectrometers!

Need fast acquisition speed? Get Ocean FX!

Require high-def optics in small bench design? Get Ocean HDX!

Work with low light levels? Get the QE Pro high-sensitivity spectrometer!

Trade in any spectrometer for a discount of up to USD 1000/AUD 1350 on the purchase of any new Ocean Optics spectrometer of greater value.

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Zolix Finder Insight Portable Raman Spectrometers

finder insight

Zolix have released the new Finder Insight, a multifunction Portable Raman Spectrometers. Based on a new design, it offers superior user friendliness and sensitivity, and can meet the requirements of on-site rapid detection in a wide diversity of applications.

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Zolix release OmniFluo-900 Steady-State & Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectrometer


Zolix OmniFluo Fluorescence Systems adopt modular design for application specific configurations.

Zolix offers a range of accessories for different applications, allowing the OmniFluo system to be configured for PL, Raman, transmission, reflection, absorption and detector calibration measurement. The possible configurations are endless.

The Zolix OmniFluo Fluorescence Systems employ the high performance Omni-λ monochromator/spectrograph, high sensitivity single or multi-channel detector, and single photon counting/lock-in amplifier technique. The standard for sensitivity is the signal-to-noise ratio calculated from a water Raman spectrum. Using this standardized test, our signal-to-noise ratio is 12000:1.

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Ex-Stock Special: Classic Melles Griot helium-neon lasers at 50% discount

IMG 2760

Lastek have a small stock of classic Melles Griot 1mW helium-neon laser systems, now available for immediate delivery at substantial savings. Read on after the break for details of this special offer.

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Ocean Optics: Ever Wonder What Goes on Inside a Spectrometer?

It’s a good question, and the complete answer can escape even the most seasoned researcher. The photons used in spectroscopy encounter many components and undergo a variety of processes before registering as a spectrum. What exactly happens to these photons once they enter the optical bench? Let’s look at their journey inside a spectrometer.

Learn more about the spectrometer featured in this animation, the Ocean Optics QE Pro High Performance Spectrometer.

Lyncée Tec: Two New Publications in Nature Communications & Advanced Materials!

41467 2018 2895 Fig1 HTML 768x435

Congratulations to Lyncée Tec Digital Holographic Microscopy users from Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) and from Kent State University (USA) for two recent papers published respectively in Nature Communications and Advanced Materials!

Liquid crystal elastomer coatings with programmed response of surface profile“, Greta Babakhanova, Taras Turiv, Yubing Guo, Matthew Hendrikx, Qi-Huo Wei, Albert P.H.J. Schenning, Dirk J. Broer & Oleg D. Lavrentovich, Nature Communications 9, Article number: 456(2018), DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-02895-9

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