• Abberior Instruments and Super Resolution Microscopy at Lastek
    Abberior Instruments and Super Resolution Microscopy at Lastek

    Abberior Instruments has partnered with Lastek in Australia and New Zealand to offer the most complete experience for super resolution microscopy. Read more here.

  • Raptor Photonics OWL 640 SWIR camera
    Raptor Photonics OWL 640 SWIR camera

    Raptor Photonics OWL 640 is the best performing SWIR camera in the world. Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details. Read more.

  • Toptica: DL pro with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.

  • High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources
    High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources

    Analyses multi-line or broadband spectra of cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, and more.  Lastek currently have a demonstration system available for evaluation. Read more...

  • Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems
    Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems

    ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development


New Scale Technologies: New division targets industrial automation distributors and end users of smart grippers for small collaborative robots

newscalerobotics website thumb 1080x675

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has launched a new division, New Scale Robotics,  to design and manufacture precision smart grippers for today’s smallest collaborative robots.

New Scale Robotics’ precision gripper solutions address the fast-growing collaborative robotics market and the need for agile automation, or rapid deployment and re-deployment in the factory with minimum engineering effort.

“New Scale is well positioned to address this market, with more than 15 years of experience and numerous patents for precision micro motors and motion control system development,”  said David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Technologies. “The new division, with its dedicated website, allows us to better reach and serve the industrial automation market including collaborative robot manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, and end users.”

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Princeton Applied Research: New Multichannel Potentiostat: PMC-200

315 parstat mc with pmc 200

Introducing the PARSTAT MC 200!

The newest member of the PARSTAT Multichannel Family

Each PMC-200 module from Princeton Applied Research contains two channels and installs into the standard PMC chassis.  The capabilities of your current PMC chassis can be extended or even doubled with PMC-200 modules. These modules can be used alongside PMC-1000 and PMC-2000A potentiostats to customize experiments and maximize equipment capabilities.

As a PMC user, you have a tremendous benefit of adding these high-resolution channels to the same PARSTAT MC Chassis.

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ALIO Industries: Hybrid Hexapod® - A Game-Changer in the Field of Motion Control

Video: Alio Industries Patent Pending Hybrid Hexapod® Non Planar Solution

ALIO Industries  Hybrid Hexapod has been featured in a recent issue of Commercial Micro Manufacturing magazine. Read the article below.

In response to the demand from industry for more and more versatile and accurate motion control systems, ALIO Industries has just received a US patent on the next generation Hybrid Hexapod® technology which out performs any other Hexapod solution in the market. The Hybrid Hexapod® is a game-changer in the field of motion control, and will stimulate innovation as an enabler of next-generation manufacturing processes.

Hexapods have a long history in motion control applications, but in recent years traditional 6 Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) positioning devices have been found wanting when confronted with the industry demand for higher accuracy, improved repeatability, and better geometric performance.

Simply speaking, hexapods are devices where six links or actuators (that extend and retract) join a stationary bottom plate with a top plate that performs coordinated motion in 6-DOF. A sample, fixture, sensor, or any device can be mounted on the top plate and can be manipulated to be in any location and orientation in the available range of travel.

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Laser Quantum new optical trapping video

A brand-new Laser Quantum  animation video has just been released, highlighting the features and benefits of the Laser Quantum opus 1064 CW laser to improve your results in optical trapping. Find out more by watching the video above. 

The opus10641064 provides excellent pointing and high power stability for predictable, repeatable positioning, producing up to 10 Watts of output power and an M-squared close to unity.

Altechna Plano-Convex Axicons

axicon transparent 300x169

Altechna plano-convex axicons (conical lenses) are used for a variety of applications.

Altechna offers two types of axicons: regular and precision. Regular axicons create an annular beam in a far field, while precision-type axicons also transform a Guassian beam into a non-diffractive Bessel beam in the near field. 

The quality of generated ring and Bessel beams as well as all mechanical tolerances are fully evaluated in Altechna's metrology laboratories. 

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