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Abet Technologies Sun 2000 Series Solar Simulators

Abet Technologies present the next generation of Solar Simulators, the Sun 2000 product line. A brand new optical design dramatically increases percentage of lamp output reaching the work plane. Illumination levels, per watt of lamp power, are typically 2x scale or higher as compared to other products currently available today. This leads to significant savings in electricity use and long life lamps replacement costs. These advanced instruments provide uniform illumination over 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 inch fields. State of the art power supplies are built into the same housing as the optical unit minimizing EMI and power cable clutter. Numerous user-friendly features are designed into the Sun 2000 products. No-tools required, optics-safe lamp replacement procedure and eye-safe alignment optimization. The Sun 2000 family of Solar Simulators comes in a selection of spectral outputs to serve a broad range of research and industry needs.


All Abet Solar Simulators utilize a Gen II patent pending optical design dramatically increasing the percentage of photons reaching the work plane. All the system controls are located together and equipped for easy setup. Indicator dials allow you to keep track of alignment positions for all the components making system optimization a simple, fast procedure. Lamp replacement is a simple procedure with no tools required. All electronics are packaged in the lamp house — no clutter of high power cables to deal with. 
The self-contained optics bench design of the Sun 2000systems make OEM adaptations a breeze.
Abet Technologies offers a number of spectral and field size options to match your application. Current Sun 2000 family systems include 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 inch uniformly illuminated field versions for Photovoltaic and UV applications. A low profile optical alignment system leaves the space below the system wide open for any material positioning equipment or large samples. Unit mounting options allow from above suspension leaving space below totally free if needed. 
Compact, Integrated Design 
The entire source, power supply, control electronics, shutter, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in a compact enclosure, approximately 13.5 x 19 x 30 inches (350 x 500 x 750 mm). A compact base raises the unit to the desired working height, 8 inches (203 mm) typical. The Sun 2000 design produces a well balanced unit, which is usually used free standing. It can also be suspended from above, and the base removed for applications requiring more space around the illuminated work plane. 
Having the complete source in a single enclosure assures that any EMI generated during ignition is contained inside the housing. It also eliminates the need for costly shielded cables and connectors. 
Gen II Optical System — more than 2x throughput improvement 
The advanced illumination homogenizer is housed in the optical compartment which also contains a securely mounted Xe arc lamp, a light collection reflector, an electronic shutter, a condenser lens, optics cooling fan, precision optics adjusters as well as filter, dichroics, mirrors, apertures, and attenuators needed to produce the desired spectral shape, uniformity and irradiance level. 
Replacing the long life Xe arc lamp is a no tools required operation. Focusing the lamp does not expose the operator to any unsafe high light levels (the exception possibly being the usual high irradiance level in the work plane). 
All of the optical compartment adjustments are conveniently located on the rear of the source enclosure. The adjustments are equipped with lockable indicator dials that provide positive feedback on alignment status and assure stable operation once aligned. All the focusing and centering adjustments are smooth, positive, and precise allowing maximum control and ease in optimizing the output beam size, uniformity and irradiance level. See other features of SUN 2000 systems. 
System Cooling 
Any dust or dirt particles introduced into an optical system can degrade system performance and shorten the life of costly and critical optical components. To minimize these problems all SUN 2000 sources utilize a HEPA filter cooking fan. 
Photofeedback Option 
A photofeedback option is available for Sun 2000 sources. This option incorporated a light detector housed in the optical compartment. The detector monitors the irradiance being delivered to the work plane. As the lamp or optical components age, and the received signal diminishes, an electronic feedback loop automatically adjusts lamp wattage to assure a constant level of irradiation to the work plane. 
Electronics Compartment 
The electronics compartment houses the power supply, a low noise and vibration cooling fan, shutter control electronics, an Elapsed Time Meter, and system interlocks. Photofeedback electronics, when ordered are also housed in this section. 
Safety interlocks will shut the entire system down in the case of a fan failure that could cause a system overheat. Door interlocks shut the system down to prevent exposure to hazardous voltage, current or radiation if the door is opened during system operation. 
Abet Technologies strives to meet customers’ requirements for Solar Simulator performance, including standards compliance. Please let our sales know which standard is critical to your application. Sun 2000 systems can be configured to meet the requirements of standards like ASTM 927-91, IEC 904-9, JIS C 8912, COLIPA and many others. 
System Attributes  
All Sun 2000 solar simulators offer the following features: 
One (1) sun or better irradiance up to 8x8 inch fields 
Irradiance uniformity ±5% or better 
TTL or switch controlled single blade electronic shutter, minimum exposure time 100 ms or better 
Nominal working distance is 8 inch.  
Irradiance uniformity stays well behaved for extended distances, e.g. typically to 48 inch for a 6x6 system. 
Integrated  90 / 250 V, 50-60 Hz universal input power supply, power factor corrected 
HEPA filtered cooling fan 
Elapsed time meter  
Ozone free Xe arc lamp  
1% RMS or better light ripple 
Optional built in photofeedback system.
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